Norsk Megling FFS

About Norsk Megling International

For more than 30 years we have been the leading company in Norway selling properties abroad.  We have assisted thousands of Norwegians through the whole purchaseprocess, confirmed by our list of references. We can offer a large international property portfolio with several thousand properties.

Norsk Megling International eurl’s broker-license meets the requirements from the EU. Our clients will benefit from our cooperation with the largest actors on the market. Let our agents negotiate, and if possible haggle down the asking price for you. We will assist with our experience, and we have hired skilled personnel, local notaries/lawyers and Norwegian lawyers that we have worked with for several years. Together we have the expertise regarding all aspects of buying property abroad, and together we ensure quality buying-process from A to Z. We are members of the international broker-organizations FIABCI – UNIS – CEPI – CEI, and our Norwegian agents are members of NEF and EFF.